Sunday, February 5, 2012

Condiments, a Combi for Mrs Westacott and Gorilla printing

It was blowing a gale in Flinders yesterday so Curio and Curio was a little quiet, but luckily a few shoppers braved the weather.

as the shop was quiet I drew a few condiments that had been suggested to me the day earlier, and I finally drew the Combi for Mrs Westacott's boys.

Here they are. 

All of these will be available to buy online shortly.

I've also designed a small homewares range which I'll blog about next week once they've 
been snapped up by my stockists. It's the usual collaboration between Curio & Curio and Two Ruffians. My designs using their colours, a formula that seems to be working.

The reason I can talk too much about this, is because I'm taking a gorilla approach to designing, with quick short burst, that the copy cats wont see coming. I've had my fingers burnt recently, where my generosity and contacts have been used by someone to create a competitor in my wake. 

But they wont even see me coming, and my new idea is brilliant. 

Can't wait to show you all how and what it is, once my stockist have bought next week.

Now I've got printing to do.

Until Next week.

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